Halyna Hutchins' Husband Speaks Out After Her Death on 'Rust' Set


Cover picture for the articleHalyna Hutchins' husband Matthew Hutchins has broken his silence just a day after the cinematographer was killed in an accident on the set of Rust. The 42-year-old was shot and killed when actor Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun in an incident that also injured Joel Souza, the film's director. Hutchins...

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This could have been avoided. Regardless of how many safety measures are in place, why not check the prop-gun before shooting it? Why is that so hard to do? If the person doing the shooting will be held responsible I'm sure that prop-gun will be checked before the trigger is pulled. There can never be too many safety measures in place to prevent this type of tragedy.

Debbie Gazetti Powers

Blanks don't go through one person and into another. That was a live round. The big question is why was it in the gun to begin with?

Sandra Monroe

I am very sorry for that poor husband and child. Alec Baldwin should be held responsible. If anyone is dealing with guns they should have to go through a gun safety program. Alec who is anti gun shouldn't even have been in a movie that had guns is he is anti gun. He is also so anti American and so critical of other people who make mistakes. Why should he be shown mercy when he is so unwilling too


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