What happened to Lola on Young And The Restless?

Cover picture for the articleThe Young And The Restless fans have grown very close to the long-standing cast members, and are now curious to know what happened to Lola Rosales. Sasha Calle joined the cast of The Young and the Restless as “Lola Rosales”, in September 2018, she played the role of a successful chef...

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Denise Lucas

Lola was and is so much better than summer I can't stand summer I wish Lola very good luck in what ever else she chooses to do in her life she's such a beautiful girl and has so much talent and can do anything she wants to do with her life be safe and careful Lola your so amazing girl

Andrea Juli

sadly. the writers team could not give "Loka a better deal of a job..but we wish her the best new experience...Buena suerte chica!!😘🤩💌💢💥👋🖖👍.


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