Prince William and Kate Middleton Are Coming to America

Cover picture for the articleThe Cambridges are making the trip across the pond come 2022. In a new interview with People, Prince William revealed that his environmental initiative, The Earthshot Prize, will be making its way to America for its second annual awards ceremony next year. The Duke of Cambridge kicked off the sustainability competition...

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Sherri Roberts

I hope they take the time to see his brother and sister in law while they are in the US. Mending and healing relationships is something that some can't understand. They can see the nephew and niece.

Tracy Harmon

While they are here it is time for William, Kate,Harry and Megan and sit down and talk in private no cameras, I am sure if their mother was alive she would be totally heart broken by what has happen between these 2 put the past behind and move forward for the sake of the monarchy and more importantly your grandmother The Queen

Hermione Danger

just hope they stay far away from the harkles.... Hackles are poison to anything or anyone they touch!


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