CNN Biden town hall dominated by questions from Democrats

New York Post

Cover picture for the articleQuestions President Biden was asked during CNN’s town hall Thursday night were posed by mostly Democrats — only giving two Republicans the opportunity to quiz the president on the various crises his administration is facing. The town hall, hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, featured questions from 12 participants that...

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I understand that Anderson had to finish sentence for Biden or mouthed the word to him. Biden was the wrong pick for President. He's too old and has telltale signs of Dementia/Alzheimers Disease. Worse yet is Kamala Harris. If Biden can't fulfill his term as President, then she would become President. How scary is that? what if she doesn't want the responsibility as President and declines the offer. Then we will be in real dire straits. Yes, The Speaker of the House is next in line. I can't even imagine what would happen to the United States if Nancy Pelosi became President? We would have no borders and terrorist would come across unchallenged. Countries that are alleys would become enemies. Then who would she pick for her Vice President? AOC! It would be a fine time to go live in Canada. God help us all.

Kevin Edwards

and only 1.2 million viewers!!! hahahahaha how come 81 million people weren't watching their messiah?!?!?!

paul biscuit

America has become a huge human behavior experiment. Psychological conditioning is not hard to see. Millions of Americans are dancing to music that they don't even here. I believe this country is doomed. There's no room to turn things around anymore.


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