‘RHOC’ Star Kelly Dodd Regrets Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

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Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd recently said she “regrets” getting the COVID-19 vaccine because she “already had the antibodies” and thinks that means she is “unlikely to get COVID again,” she explained to Page Six. She also took to social media to underline her regrets about...

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exactly!! it should be our choice! I also have the antibodies, I also have blood clotting issues and will NOT get the vaccine!!! it makes me sick

Cathy DeMatteo Burger

She was the only real housewife that ever had an ounce of common sense, and because she didn’t fall in line with the other little soldiers she was not asked to return!

John Pitzl

a lot of people are really missing the point 🙌 if you look up nanotechnology in medical science they're trying to turn it into the next modern medicine 😒 nanotechnology does not take care of viruses #1 and 2 people are dying because of cardiovascular problems and other problems contributed to the vaccine they are pushing on everyone in the world because everybody has to be on board in order to have everyone inaugurated against nanos 🤫 they have to disguise the nanotechnology because your own body will reject the technology, but the people around you do not have that benefit so when you are breathing your nanos in and out you have the potential of killing someone else 🙏 that's why they're forcing people into wearing a mask not only is it also being used as a another tool to further divide this country 🇺🇲 Democrats motto if there is no emergency to take advantage of, create one 🐴


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