Royal Caribbean Forced to Cancel Spectrum of the Seas Cruise

Cover picture for the articleAfter Spectrum of the Seas just recently resumed operations from Hong Kong, Royal Caribbean was forced to cancel the October 21 sailing for the vessel. Despite rigorous testing procedures, vaccine mandates, and extensive health and safety measures onboard, one crew member was initially found to be positive for COVID-19....

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Yoly Chediak

Seems like RCCL is trying to make up ALL THE MONEY LOST due to the PLANDEMIC in 1 long trip!! $61k to start all the way up to balconies, suites, etc., AND then deal with vaxxed and un vaxxed?? Nice but no thanks!

David Braynard

Who told them they had to cancel? Does the CDC have forces in HK? This is ridiculous. Now thousands of Philippino and Indian crew members won’t be able to feed their families for a month


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