Victoria Beckham getting non-surgical treatments because she’s going through a low point?


Victoria Beckham is, allegedly, going through a low point in her life that’s why she’s been getting non-surgical treatments.

According to Closer UK, fans of Victoria Beckham recently noticed how her appearance has changed. And some of them even expressed that the fashion designer looks for an entirely different reason.

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However, a source told the magazine that there’s a more serious reason why Beckham has been doing some changes to her appearance.

“I think she has had some work, probably to add a more youthful effect. With age, we tend to lose deep fat tissue, which is our lower-face fat structure. So, she has potentially had filler injected back into her cheek compartments to try to give her a lift,” the source said.

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The insider also said that Beckham’s skin looks incredible these days because she might have had some laser treatments. “And to top it off, I’d say she has had some lip filler injected, as well as some Botox in her forehead.

I think she may have had a few tweaks like that subtly over the years, but the reason it may look prominent now is that it could be that it is recent, so she still has the swelling,” the source said.

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Psychological therapist Emma Kenny also said that the combination of Beckham’s tough times and her difficulty in adjusting to life while her husband is away are also factors as to why the Spice Girls member is trying to improve her appearance.

“Victoria is going through a tough period where the kids are leaving home. She’s probably more alone than she has been for the past two decades, and she has a lot going on in her professional life.

So, when women go through spells of things changing in their lives, it can make them want to reinvent themselves to boost their confidence,” Kenny said. However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

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After all, Victoria Beckham has not said anything about her recent struggles. So, it’s obvious that the sources are just speculating on this matter.

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She has an amazing life. Just goes to show having it all still isn't enough at times. But honestly, I don't feel the least bit sorry for her.

nancy homick

I never thought she was that great looking to begin with but who cares anyway. These people with everything are never happy. Deal with it. You re gonna get old no matter what.

Nina Summers

Get help to learn to age gracefully. It’s going to happen whether you want it to or not.


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