After Biden says US would defend Taiwan from attack, China says there's 'no room for compromise'

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleAfter President Biden said at a CNN town hall last night he would defend Taiwan from an attack by China, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said there is "no room for compromise" on its territorial claims on the island. The latest trading of barbs between the U.S. and China over...

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Matthew Morris

send the fairies that think they are women put them in their own flag 🏳️‍🌈 . do we not remember the absolute cowardness that just took place? biden you are asking to be crushed like an ant they have all our tech and secrets thanks to your pure absent mind.

(ACE) ArmChair Economist.

Why would they be afraid of Biden after what they seen him pull in Afghanistan. They’ve sure been keeping that horror show thats going on out if the left wing news cycle.

all that 550

who needs to compromise we need to start making stuff in the US and cut ties with China if we cut all imports from China for a couple months it would hurt China big time


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