A Complete List of States Sending Surprise Stimulus Check; You Might Receive It Before 2021 Ends

Cover picture for the articleRounds of relief payments helped alleviate COVID-19's economic impact and aided in boosting the country's economy. The third wave of relief payments, courtesy of the American Rescue Plan (ARP), began in March. Approximately 169 million people received up to $1,400 in the past few months. Nearly all of the...

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Melissa McNamara

How about Seniors? Most of live on fixed incomes and while inflation has caused everything to go through the roof our income never changes. Don't tell me that we are getting a raise because as soon as Jan. 1 st rolls around Medicare swoops in and takes it.

Orfa Vargas

there probably talking about the economy for rich people cause as far as I can see people on SS benefits are hurting and people working at fast food restaurants, grocery store those earning minimal wages are hurting and hurting bad I don't know what the government and President Biden are thinking but God have mercy on them President Biden and senators and house and law makers the people are asking and praying for that fourth stimulus many prayers and blessings to everyone can't wait for my Lord and King Jesus Christ to come back than I will see who's gonna be praying and begging

Cindy Galvin

New Yorkers never get extra only those on snap or work a month or two to get the child tax the rest of us struggling can just keep struggling.I feel this Gov is just as bad as the last. She's out partying in bar's no mask just having a good old time while others are trying to make ends meet should have seen it coming. I'm also so curious if she knew he was bad why didn't she turn him in to me she's just as guilty.


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