Americans May Get New $1,400 Stimulus Checks if They Belong to This Category

Cover picture for the articleSenior citizens might be one of the categories receiving a stimulus check from pressure groups. A letter written by Senior Citizens League Chairman Rick Delaney to the leaders of Congress serves to demonstrate the position that most seniors were in. According to the letter, they have received reports from...

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Susan Mcgalliard

I think seniors deserve another stiulous check. We worked most of lives paying into social security and now when we need help we can't get ltwe

Olga Hernandez

And another thing medicine goes out one meal a day because not enough to put on the table people that have a society SSD we even suffer from hunger for the worst of it is the light bill it goes up everything goes up and money comes down I hope you consider a people that has the problem can’t even get no extra money from nowhere like other people to have some considerationGod bless you thank you

Melissa Tucker

i live on 778 a month im in a wheelchair is on Qxygen all day long can't pays for lights the only reason they keeping on my lights bc of my Qxgyen food is going up more in more gas is going up in everything else i wash i can work but thoses days is over for me in a lots of other's people's that's use to work but can't no more see we not here for a hand out we stuggle every month before this Covid -19 came out yes i vote for another check


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