Nancy Grace Weighs In On The Fact That These Items And Remains Were Found In An Area Brian’s Parents Told Them To Search

CBS Detroit
CBS Detroit

Today, Dr. Oz, Nancy Grace and Dog the Bounty Hunter break down the latest on the manhunt for murder victim Gabby Petito’s fiancé Brian Laundrie. Authorities have discovered a backpack, a notebook, and partial human remains, confirmed to be Brian’s, in the Florida reserve he allegedly went to on the day he disappeared. Our experts weigh in on why the notebook could be the most important finding, how much they believe the family knew about Brian’s whereabouts, and what it means for Gabby’s family.

Nancy Grace weighs in on the fact that these items and remains were found in an area Brian’s parents told them to search.

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Kim Kleiner

I think the parents of Bryan planned it all out with their son from Gabby to Brian being found (what remains a couple of teeth )they are trying to fake his death and he's probably at their home in a crawl space n NOBODY has been in the home yo see anything


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