The first signs and symptoms of lung cancer

Cover picture for the articleLung cancer takes more lives in the United States than colorectal, breast and prostate cancers combined but what do you know about it? Do you have to be a smoker to get it? Are you more likely to get it as a man or a woman? The answer may surprise...

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jennifer jones

My mom died of lung cancer 10.19. She never smoked but was around 2nd hand smoke her entire adult life. I miss her dearly.

Gino Hunter

This coming Halloween will be three years when my baby sister died of lung cancer. She smoked weed and cancer sticks until her body said enough and forced her to stop. The last time I saw her, was when my sister put her on live camera. She couldn't open up her mouth. She tried smiling and she looked like a zombie who could barely talk. When I got off of the phone, I cried so hard to where I had to pray, asking God to help me cause I couldn't breathe. Three months ago, Tasha told me that her boyfriend has lung cancer. So now she is repeating the same steps with him as she did with my baby sister. I'm the only person in my family who doesn't smoke weed or cigarettes.


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