More than 80 countries voice support to China amid US and a few Western countries smearing at UN session — Global Times

Cover picture for the article(Oct 22): More than 80 countries voiced their support to China for developing its own pattern for human rights development and opposed politicizing human rights issues to suppress other countries at the 76th session of UN General Assembly on Thursday while the US and a few Western countries started a new...

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Richard White

Those countries are beholden to China because their markets depend on China. The CCP is taking over the world and is the NUMBER ONE THREAT to democracy and freedom today.

Minion Horde

80 countries supported China for "developing its own pattern for human rights development"?? In other words, 80 countries do not view China's genocide of a minority group within China as anything to be worried about....Hitler, Stalin and Mao would be SO proud of them.

Aaron Faulkerson

lmao 80 irrelevant countries that cannot protect themselves. that are not to be worried about. all countries in debt to China. that could not make an impact in a war so who cares


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