COVID-19: Unvaccinated People Expected To Be Reinfected Again with Coronavirus Every 16-17 Months

Cover picture for the articleNew analysis shows that people who are not vaccinated could get a new vaccine every 16 months on average. A recent study at the Yale School of Public Health in Connecticut, US, found that natural immunity to viruses lasts for a long time. The study looked at people who were close...

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Kjb B

From what I have read people that have natural immunity from Covid19, hardly ever get reinfected. Unlike the vaccine where we now are having multiple outbreaks in the vaccinated. Oh , but the cdc conveniently stopped keeping track of breakthrough infections. Horrible journalism at best !


No…. Not true…. Only the vaccinated. The rest of us have already built our natural immunity in one way or another. A scientist from Pfizer said there are 4 more vaccines in the works…. WHY? Because with each shot you take, it destroys more and more of your natural immunity to kill off all kinds of diseases and viruses. This vaccine is a death sentence.

Kate Parrish

I’m unvaccinated, and plan to stay that way. I know for certain the masks do nothing, so I don’t wear them either. I haven’t been infected the first time yet. I feel fairly safe from a virus with an almost 100% survival rate.


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