Dog the Bounty Hunter Claims Brian Laundrie Might be 'Alive' Today if Parents Had Cooperated


Cover picture for the articleDuane "Dog" Chapman spent almost a month searching for Brian Laundrie, the person of interest in Gabby Petito's death, but Laundrie's remains were found at the Carlton Reserve on Wednesday. In an interview with InTouch Weekly on Thursday, Chapman claimed Laundrie might be alive today if his parents cooperated sooner. However,...

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Dogs are the Best

Since when does the FBI State the body that was found was indeed Brian? The corner does that. Yesterday it was said 48 hrs to identify remains. Something not right in more ways than one

Melinda Gilbert

all this time and the parentsdid not help then all the sudden they go out to look for him and they just happen on the camp site after all the people that have been looking, for him something ain't right about. this

Mary Milling

I’m not one for too much speculation but this one feels like a murder suicide that was just strung out for a while. As a parent of adult children I think his parents were probably at wits end on what to do when he came home alone. Two young people following a dream end up dead. I don’t know what made it fracture but at this point it doesn’t matter. That’s just morbid curiosity. So very sad for the families of these two.


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