The Difference Between Ben Simmons And Jimmy Butler: One Walks Out Of Practice To Ask A Trade, The Other Beat Starters With The 3rd Squad

Cover picture for the articleThe Ben Simmons saga took another turn on Tuesday when the Australian player refused to participate in some defensive drills with the rest of the team. His refusal led Doc Rivers to throw him out of practice and send the player home. This situation has sparked many rumors and...

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Walter Brown

Ben Simmons has no heart or integrity about himself. he's young and weak minded. hopefully he will grow and out of it. me being born and raised in Philly, knowing how Philly is he is not Philly material. the real game is going on between his shoulders, and that's a battle he's losing. Philly people are about HEART BE ALL IN. NOT ALL ABOUT ME


Bad idea to keep this player. He's going to ruin the team he's toxic. This will blow back on Morey maybe even cost him his job if he doesn't get rid of this cancer.


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