More than 7,000 migrants expelled from U.S. by the Biden administration faced kidnappings, other attacks, report says


Cover picture for the articleRoughly 7,600 migrants expelled from the U.S. under a Trump-era pandemic policy have been subject to kidnappings and other attacks since President Joe Biden took office. This includes migrant families, adults and children who were kidnapped, trafficked for sexual exploitation, extorted or repeatedly robbed after being deported to Mexico under the...

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Doni Richard

stop with the bleeding heart agenda. These people entered America illegally. We as taxpayers cannot afford to support the 1.7 million illegal immigrants, that has entered this country in fiscal year 2021. Send the national guard to the border. Protect the sovereignty of this nation.


cool maybe they will think about their actions before they do it again. I don't feel an ounce of sympathy for these people. they are rhe ones putting their children in danger not Americans.

Albert Ayers

so what if they get beaten or robbed or used for sex trafficking it's not our concern they're not residents of the United States we worry about our own people we have to worry about illegal aliens what happens to them when they get turned back that's their problem they wanted to take the voyage to come over here if it didn't work out or well that gives them the incentive not to do it again if the Mexicans are benefited from it good for them extra money for the cartel why do we care after getting robbed or beaten that's not American citizens that's none of our business we got to take care of our own backyard not somebody else's


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