New COVID-19 variant emerges, doctors call it ‘delta plus’


Cover picture for the articleINDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A new coronavirus variant has emerged in places such as Europe and Canada, and scientists worry it spreads even faster than the delta variant. They have dubbed the new mutation ‘delta plus’ because it’s said to be 10%...

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Tropical Dave

Oh goodness... time to throw our hands in the air and run in circles screaming like little girls! 🤣 Covid is here to stay in one form or another, but each strain is less deadly even while possibly being more infectious. Can anyone say FLU, (which can also kill you). Get over it and just live your life! 👍

Mary Anne Ohrel Wood

OH MY GOSH!! how many variants are they saying there is in less then 2 yrs? this one makes 4 or 5. the flu doesnt mutate but once a yr. Just a way to push the almighty jab! we didn't have variants before the jab now with the so called vax being given we have multiple ones in just under a year. Interesting!

HDM 76 80

no one else finds it odd that everytime the numbers go down..everytime it appears we are by some magical karma machine...another variant appears....smh line up for another round of shots.


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