Everything to know about the ‘L.A. Law’ reboot starring Corbin Bernsen, Blair Underwood


After being in talks for nearly a year, the highly anticipated “ L.A. Law ” revival officially received a pilot order by ABC in October 2021. The original drama series was created by Steven Bochco and Terry Louise Fisher and produced by David E. Kelley . It aired on NBC for eight seasons between September 1986 and May 1994 and then returned for a reunion movie in 2002. The new pilot will be written by Marc Guggenheim and Ubah Mohamed and directed by Anthony Hemingway , with the late Bochco’s son, Jesse Bochco , and widow, Dayna Bochco , serving as executive producers. Here’s everything to know about the “L.A. Law” reboot so far, including the cast.

Who are the returning cast members?
As of this writing, Corbin Bernsen and Blair Underwood are the only “L.A. Law” stars primed to return for the revival. Bernsen will reprise his role as Arnie Becker, a ladies man who struggles in the #MeToo era. Underwood portrays Jonathan Rollins, an idealist lawyer who’s become more conservative over the years. Other former cast members may return in a guest star capacity, but not as series regulars, per Deadline .

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When is the premiere date?
The “L.A. Law” reboot is still in the pilot stage, so there is no premiere date on the horizon. Once it’s filmed, ABC will determine whether or not to give the project the green light. “We are working with brilliant, brilliant people and I think we’re going to get it to the world,” declared Jesse Bochco. Dayna Bochco added, “We’ve been very privileged, very lucky, and I just know Steven’s looking down on us going, ‘Go kids, get it done.'”

What is the plot?
The ultra successful Los Angeles law firm of McKenzie Brackman has reinvented itself as Becker Rollins, a litigation firm that deals with the country’s most high-profile and controversial cases. Underwood’s character is set to clash with a millennial attorney named JJ Freeman (still to be cast) to decide how the firm can effect change in the political and legal landscapes. As for Bernsen’s story, the actor teased, “I’ve often thought about revisiting ‘L.A. Law’ and Arnie Becker over the years. Now seems the perfect moment in time to explore our fast-changing world through Becker’s eyes. Fasten your seatbelts.”

How did “L.A. Law” end?
When we last saw the lawyers of McKenzie Brackman in the 2002 telefilm, Leland McKenzie ( Richard Dysart ) had retired and Douglas Brackman ( Alan Rachins ) was the sole remaining name partner. Michael Kuzak ( Harry Hamlin ) came out of retirement to try to prevent the execution of a former client, who just so happened to be prosecuted by Grace Van Owen ( Susan Dey ). And Arnie Becker (Bernsen) was in the midst of his own rocky divorce, with Abby Perkins ( Michele Greene ) serving as his wife’s legal counsel. Rollins (Underwood) did not appear in the made-for-TV reunion movie.

“L.A. Law” Emmy history
The original series is an 89-time Emmy nominee and 15-time winner. It prevailed four times for Best Drama Series (1987, ’89, ’90, ’91), a record matched by “Game of Thrones,” “Hill Street Blues,” “Mad Men” and “The West Wing.” The show also claimed trophies in Best Drama Supporting Actor for Larry Drake (twice), Jimmy Smits and Dysart and Best Drama Guest Actress for Alfre Woodard . Bernsen received two Emmy nominations, while Underwood was snubbed.

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