Florida worker disproves labour shortage complaints by applying for 60 entry-level jobs and getting one interview

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The Independent

A Florida worker has revealed he applied for 60 entry-level jobs in one month and got just one interview, despite widespread complaints of a labour shortage from business owners.

Joey Holz, who has experience working in the food service industry, applied for two jobs every day from 1 September 1 to 30 September in the local Fort Myers and Lee County area.

Of the 60 roles he applied for, Holz said he received just 16 email responses, spoke to four of these companies by phone and had only one interview.

Holz wrote in a now-viral Facebook post that he decided to embark on the 30-day experiment after hearing growing complaints from local business owners that they were struggling to fill vacant positions because people don’t want to work.

The 37-year-old said he specifically targeted companies that had been vocal about government stimulus money luring people away from seeking employment.

Holz said his research showed this complaint to be little more than a myth.

“Are these places hiring? That’s what their internet ad said. Are they desperate for HELP? Yes, according to their loud lamentations on Facebook, but so far 1 interview (where the advertised hours and pay were misrepresented) after 58 applications says y’all aren’t desperate for workers, you just miss your slaves...” he wrote in a 29 September Facebook post.

Holz said he struggled to believe that people were simply choosing not to work because of the Covid-related financial assistance from the state and federal government.

Enhanced unemployment benefits, which gave up to $300 extra a week to people who lost their jobs during the pandemic, ended back on Labor Day.

Florida – along with 26 states – axed its participation in the federal unemployment program even earlier, after Governor Ron DeSantis decided to cut off the benefits in June.

“If this extra money that everyone’s supposedly living off of stopped in June and it’s now September, obviously, that’s not what’s stopping them,” he told Business Insider .

Holz decided to try to get to the bottom of the matter and first sent off job applications for two restaurants on 1 September.

He then continued to send two applications per day to other companies advertising vacancies.

Holz told Insider he didn’t apply for any roles that he wasn’t qualified for and none that were offering over $12 an hour.

“I didn’t apply for anything that required a degree. I didn’t apply for anything that said must have six months experience in this thing,” he said.

Despite targeting companies he said were most critical about the government unemployment benefits and the lack of applicants they argued they were causing.

As well as the radio silence from most companies he applied to, even the solitary interview he went on wasn’t what it seemed, he said.

The job advert had been for a full-time job paying $10 an hour for a construction company.

Holz said he was told at the interview that he would be paid Florida’s minimum wage of $8.65 to start for 20 hours a week.

Holz said he believes his “is a familiar story to many” as he accused companies of treating staff like “slaves”.

Rather than a shortage of people willing to work, many workers say they are instead refusing to accept jobs that pay low wages and offer no benefits to staff.

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I've heard my own employer say the exact thing, "no one wants to work" while offering to pay 8 dollars an hour for a labor intensive job with a reputation for lying to employees and refusing to follow their own employment manual. People want to work, they just aren't going to be slaves anymore. Mega billionaires are flying to space while the people who made them rich are starving and having to work multiple jobs just to keep the lights on. Then those rich detached a$$holes act like if you don't want to be poor, you should just be rich like they are, I mean OMG I never thought of that. If you won't pay a decent wage and you don't offer any worth a sh1t benefits then you deserve to go bankrupt so a better company can take your place, that's the whole point of commercialism right?

Christy DiCianni

I’m sorry. But this is TRUE! My husband and I have applied to literally THOUSANDS of jobs. There has only been 1 interview. I’m serious. Just 1. It’s been the most disheartening thing ever. I don’t buy this labor shortage BS. Even places that say they are urgently hiring and in need of help immediately don’t call back or email or anything.

Gabriel Hinojosa

I had a company call me for a interview. they needed a forklift operator. well I get there and they start with you wont be full time (that was advertised) you'll get 14$ hr, also wanted me to take on a supervisor role... for 14 dollars a hour in a factory! no benefits. oh yeah and I had to try and control their mostly felon crew, no offense to someone who's made mistakes, but I was done at that point


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