Texas Woman Suffering From Depression Posts Suicide Note to Facebook Before Committing Suicide in Head-on Car Crash

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Olivia Popham Facebook

A woman from Bay City, Texas, has died in a two-vehicle wreck allegedly after posting a suicide note to Facebook.

Olivia Popham, 21, was driving a 2017 Nissan Sentra and collided with Travis Pittman, 33, of Winona, who was driving a 2012 Ford pickup. Popham's Nissanreportedly crossed the center line and struck the pickup head-on, according to a press release.

Popham was pronounced dead at the scene. EMS personnel transported Pittman to UT Health in Athens for treatment of his injuries.

"The investigation is still ongoing, and there is no other information available at this time," the press release stated.

Popham had reportedly been battling depression and had been posting messages to Facebook in the months leading up to her death. Her last message read: "Checking out, I'm sorry, but I can't keep battling depression. To the ones that were there, I love y'all. If I do succeed at this, please make sure my kids are ok please 🖤"
Olivia Popham Facebook

Last month, she also wrote: "If anything ever happens to me DO NOT give my kids to their dad permanently because if while I was alive you couldn't help take care of them then why wait till I'm gone."

Popham had reportedly had ongoing issues with the father of her children. According to SocietyAlert, she received a threatening fake text message from someone pretending to be from the Child Protective Service.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Popham's loved ones.

According to the Psychiatric Times, women experience depression at rates twice that of men, while Black women are only about half as likely to seek care. Despite increased awareness and dialogue around mental health among Black people, particularly Black women, in recent years, the stigma around mental health remains.

If you or somebody you know may be suffering from depression, below are a few charities you can contact for help.

The Loveland Foundation

Therapy For Black Girls

Black Girls Smile, Inc.

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how awful that she felt this way to begin with but even more heart breaking that she involved a totally innocent, uninvolved party.

NoGuts NoGlory

Deliberately involving an innocent party in her suicide plan is inexplicable. What if she had survived but killed the occupant of the truck?

Missy Dowis

I am reading these comments and I'm sickened to be honest. you all preach Jesus and god and turn away from the world right? but in the same comment judge her, demonize her, say how weak she was. look at how ya all act!!! what if someone else is going thru a hard time and reading this and sees your mean comments? who would want to reach out to the hate in this thread???? you don't know what it's like, to feel your kids are better off with out you, that their life will mean more, or how your family can finally stop worrying, or your ex can finally move on. how nasty of many of you. I hope if any one sees this and needs a little push to go on, don't let any one take you down with their words. they know not what they do... but they will soon enough. as God says, one sin is just as bad as another. you know better you s better ppl


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