Brian Laundrie's Parents Left Their Home '4 To 5 Hours' Between The Time Park Was Reopened To Public & Human Remains Were Found As Lawyer Denies They Planted Son's Possessions At Scene


Cover picture for the articleBrian Laundrie's parents left their home "four to five hours" in the short gap from when the park connecting to the Carlton Reserve was opened to the public and human remains were found. Article continues below advertisement. According to NewsNation Now reporter Brian Entin, Christopher and Roberta Laundrie went...

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Ethan Donahue

It’s just really interesting that his parents call and notify the FBI that they would be entering the park yesterday for the first time to help search. They are there for a very short amount of time, and the dad goes immediately and finds the backpack. Which is also the same area they find Brian’s body. First of all, why today did they decide to look. Second, out if 25k acres, conveniently Chris Laundrie walked directly to the area the backpack and body was found. Now, Chris stated he saw the backpack and didn’t want to disturb it, but then he changed his story and said that he picked it up because media was nearby and he didn’t want them to discover it or take it, so he then got the backpack and took it to authorities. That is tampering with evidence of an ongoing investigation. I don’t care if the sons dead or not, he wouldn’t be if the family did the right thing in the first place. I guess that’s on them.

Robert Caroline Romo

I still say in my opinion he was a COWARD!! I don't care who likes what I say. He was man enough to take that young lady's life but was NOT man enough to face the consequences! Being a mother if that would if been my daughter I know for a fact I would ve all over his parents I wouldn't let them have one day of peace! They should be charged but I guess they think they got away with what they know and helped their son they don't have to worry! They are a poor excuse for a family!

Netta Albert

I do t believe this at all his parents had something to do with both murders I truly believe that especially seeing that they were not acting as parents who were worried about their missing son suspect or not that's their child. Feds might want to take a closer look into his family this just doesn't seem right at all


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