As Grim New Developments Emerge in the Gabby Petito Case, Why Is A Woman's Murder Being Treated As Entertainment


Cover picture for the articleOn 19 August, a young couple posted a video on YouTube documenting their travels around the US in a converted Ford Transit van. The idyllic, slo-mo montage, entitled Beginning Our Van Life Journey, showed them driving through stunning scenery, cartwheeling on a beach and kissing for the camera. Attractive, loved-up and...

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Spirit Fox

"Her name was Gabby Petito..."Her name IS still Gabby Petito. Just because out human vessel stops breathing, does not mean our soul, our spirit, disappears. She is still alive, although her body may have been put to rest. I didn't even read the rest of this article, due to the writer speaking of a soul in the past tense. She still lives on. She will hopefully be another voice for DV situations. Because if she could turn back the hands of time, I know for sure she'd leave the toxic relationship, if she knew what it would cost. Many of us have been in a toxic relationship. Whether it was platonic, family or romantic. Truth is, we always say it will never happen to us. Because as sad as it is, we still trust our abusers to not end our life.

Elissa Corrie

It is not being treated as entertainment. Gabby touched our hearts and everyone who followed the story wanted justice for her. It was because so many people cared.

Liliam Nielsen

he had thugs cockiness of showing up at his parents alone, with her van, and didn't contact any one in her family no did he report her missing. The van was their shelter. She was already dead sheen he returned. He kept his mouth shut. His behaviour screamed guilty....


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