A couple died of covid, leaving five children behind. A relative says people called their deaths ‘fake news.’

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleTwo days after arriving at a Fredericksburg, Va., hospital with covid-19 in September, Misty Mitchem was put on a ventilator. Another two days later, she died. Misty’s husband, Kevin Mitchem, got the news as he arrived at a separate hospital with an unshakable cough. He also had covid-19, and within a...

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missouri user

People just don’t care about others emotions at all . I work in the health care field and yes if u are vaccinated u may still get Covid but not as badly as I’d u weren’t vaccinated . If u have negative thoughts please keep them to urself 🙏 for this family and especially the children

Paris Nicole

People who got the shot, a lot still died. What about that? the shot will not save everyone. My heart goes out to their kids 🙏🏽


if you get the vaccine you stand a better chance..hmm funny new study this ap just posted tells us natural immunity can last up to 16months and yet the vaccinated need what 3 shots in just 8 months.... places all over are starting to report more vaccinated deaths those "rare breakthroughs" are happening way more often than people believe


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