GOP's 'short term sugar high in Donald Trump' won't last, Georgia's Republican lt. gov. predicts

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Cover picture for the articleMANCHESTER, N.H. - Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan says he’s getting "very little push back" from fellow Republicans over his burgeoning effort to reboot what he hopes will be a post-Donald Trump GOP. Duncan spotlights that other Republicans have quietly come up to him and thanked him for "doing...

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Janice Douglas Jackson

Only wishful thinking hoping President Trump will go away. He was the best thing for our country and the best president we've had since Ronald Reagan. If the lanestream media and the left had not fabricated so many lies and brainwashed the masses and focused on his many accomplishments the country would have had a entirely different outlook.. President Trump is the only president that achieved what he promised. He actually did more than what he promised. We had more jobs in America than people to fill them. Had the lowest unemployment for every ethnicity, women, and youth in the workplace. Had the most tax cuts and I can personally vouch for my IRAs went through the roof with President Trump. We were finally energy independent for the first time. We no longer had to depend on the mullahs for our oil and gas. We had the border under control and working on completion of the border wall. Joe Biden completely destroyed all of it with a stroke of a pen.

Ant Clayton

they cant grasp the concept that we as Americans are tired of the corruption in Washington and downward. Trump was voted in to show them we want change.

Barbara Waldron

Everybody can say what they want BUT DT was a man of action, and his actions were effective. GOP in Congress have been stagnant. Republicans need to get in tune w/ the times.AND they need to keep up.


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