5-foot-3 mom goes viral trying to hold 21-pound twin daughters at once

ABC News

Cover picture for the articleAs any parent knows, trying to care for one baby is a lot, then multiply that by two for twins, and it's a lot to handle, as seen in a now-viral video. The video, which went viral on TikTok, shows Alexis LaRue, 22, trying to hold her twin 7-month-old daughters, Camila...

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Roxann White

Beautiful baby girl Twins. Girl don't worry about their size it just means you are feeding them Well. I love to see healthy kids. and they are just that HEALTHY.

Veronica Garcia

beautiful momma and twin baby girls 😍 I don't understand, if kids are too skinny they get criticized, if they are healthy they get criticized. Get a life people quit posting to not just this moment but to any mom how our kids are supposed to look like, as you can see the mom looks well, babies tend to grow out of there cute little baby rolls #StopMomShamming

Mary K. Lyskawa

They ARE beautiful!! That baby chunk will melt away after they start walking! Happy, healthy babies!! CONGRATULATIONS!! ❤❤


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