Ford Gets A New Title: The 'Most Horrifying Carmaker'


Ford Motor Co’s (NYSE: F) has topped the "most horrifying carmakers" list compiled by Bristol Street Motors.

The automaker's best-selling full-size pickup truck F-150 and its peers have been named among some of the spookiest vehicles of all time based on their appearances in horror films by the United Kingdom-based auto retailer.

The retailer surveyed nearly 700 car models to find the Dearborn, Michigan-based Ford is indeed the scariest automaker. Ford vehicles have made 113 appearances across 50 horror films. Its F-Series lineup alone has been seen in 13 appearances in all of those films, which led to it being dubbed "officially the spookiest car model" in the survey.

General Motors Co’s (NYSE: GM) Chevys are next on the list with 64 appearances.

Ford is historically known to have more successful product placement in films than any other brand. A Concave Brand tracking survey last year said the automaker appeared in 73 of the top 100 movies at the U.S. box office, much more than any other brand in 2019.

The company has been lately focusing on shifting gears in its electric-vehicle foray, as part of a wider trend-change in the auto industry led by Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA).

Price Action: Ford shares closed 4% higher at $16.04 on Wednesday.

Photo: Courtesy of Ford

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is that because they turned their back on the Demonrats excessive taxation & walked away.....Now the Demonrats sick their propaganda spewing media on Ford.....MY NEW CAR OF CHOICE! LOVE FORD TRUCKS!!!

49 state of mind

Most tow truck drivers will tell you fords are the least towed. Chevy is #1 for towing call’s

Deez Nuts

Ford doesn't make a great vehicle like they once did. I have 2 Ford escapes. the newest one had to have a new engine put in because of a known design flaw in that engine and they wouldn't cover it. the other one has gremlins in it and they can't figure out what they are. both have been in the shop for a total of 7 months this year. My parents had a 2020 f250 with 28k miles and the transmission blew up pulling a 9k pound travel trailer. Truck was 3 months old. I'm looking for a Dodge now.


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