‘Girl Please Stop Talking’: Meghan McCain Says Whoopi Goldberg ‘Turned On Her’ Causing Tension On The View

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Black Enterprise
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In her new audio memoir, Bad Republican, Meghan McCain alleges that Whoopi Goldberg and other staffers of The View took out their anger at the Trump administration on her. McCain left the long-running talk show in July, calling her four years as the resident Republican pundit “one of the hands-down greatest,...

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Melaniya Huff

I don't feel sorry for Megan. She and many people like her, think, if they will go against their own, they will accepted. NEVER.Never ever go against you own. because other side will never your friends. She got what she deserved.

Cindy Murray Riddles

Send like Meghan has trouble getting along with people. Her name only appears in the news when she is complaining about someone. She seems to hate EVERYONE.


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