New Study Into Natural Immunity Shows That Unvaccinated People Can Get Reinfected With COVID-19 Every 16-17 Months!

Cover picture for the articleAs part of a brand new study, The Yale School of Public Health looked into all the available data on natural immunity available and was able to estimate just how often those unvaccinated could potentially get infected with COVID-19. That’s right! The researchers focused not on their risk of...

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Llll M

That's three times longer than the vaccinated people who are taking boosters now every 5 to 6 months..

Mike Holmes

and youll need 3 injections per yr that dont stop transmission of the disease. but youll still catch it and maybe croak out. but more than likely you will live and have 17 months of ZERO shots or covid worries. have fun chasing your tales


Emergency Room RN here - "I can tell you we are now seeing way more vaccinated vs unvaccinated people coming in seriously ill. This vaccine is not doing what they said it would do. 3 ways viruses change (mutate to variants). By pure chance, by pressure from select cells in the body, and thirdly to work around vaccines. It's what viruses do, they mutate to get around vaccines - think of it as them changing their uniforms so the enemy (the vaccine) doesn't recognize them. Thus the Covid variants (Delta, etc). Natural immunity is best. Follow the science not the politics."


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