Erika Jayne Claims She’s Handed Over Every Paycheck She’s Ever Made To Tom Girardi During Their Marriage

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As we head into another episode of the highly-anticipated Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, we’re gearing up for Erika Jayne to really get into her pretty mess of a life.  Her shady divorce from Tom Girardi that came about when a mountain of embezzlement accusations dropped against his law firm doesn’t seem like a total coincidence. EJ’s also being sued for money Tom put right in her bank account , but still trying to portray herself as the victim. And doing so while threatening Sutton Stracke and anyone else that questions her endless (alleged) lies . But when Andy Cohen’s asking the questions, Erika cannot just scream and run away . She has to sit there and tell the truth (or the lies she’s rehearsed with her lawyers for months *allegedly*)

Bravo has been teasing a particular moment from the RHOBH reunion where Andy calls out Erika for the massive paycheck she gets from the show. And in a clip, posted by E! News, Erika makes some shocking revelations of what her finances were like when she was with Tom .

Andy doubles down on the question of why Erika waited so long to leave Tom, if his failing health, cheating rumors, and other alleged horrible behaviors had been going on for years. Erika snarkily asked where she’d be going if she left. “Where weren’t you going? You’re on a hit TV show, you have a career,” Andy says. Erika chimed back that she was not in control of her finances. “I walk out with two credit cards, they get cut. Am I gonna call you? Who am I gonna go call,” Erika asked. Sounds like a page straight from her book of victimhood , but I believe it. That must be what happens when marrying for money goes horribly wrong.

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Then, the moment happens where Andy brings up her paycheck, which is allegedly in the $600k realm. “It ain’t bad,” he added. Then, Erika dropped a real bomb — admitting she gave every paycheck she made to her husband. “I’ve handed every paycheck I’ve ever made over,” Erika said. OK, so Rule #1 ladies — don’t let ANY man be in 100% control of your finances. Like, leave a little something for yourself.

Erika used the excuse that she had no money to justify staying with Tom for two decades, only to leave him when shit really hit the fan. “I’ll say this, I was 27 when I went in. He was 60,” Erika said. “The power balance was way out of whack. I trusted this man.” Apparently, no one should trust Tom if the allegations he’s facing are true, especially not in the financial department. While I have a hard time having sympathy for Erika in all of this, it sounds like she dug herself into a hole that just got deeper as time went on.

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