Former homicide detective believes human remains found in Brian Laundrie hunt may not be intact

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleFormer Washington, D.C, homicide detective Ted Williams joined "Your World" Wednesday to discuss Brian Laundrie's possessions and the human remains that were found in Florida's Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park. Williams said he did not believe the unidentified remains found were likely to be intact. He said, "We … know...

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Kathy Kimose

I have to agree with you. I really think this is a cover up. I believe they did this to get media away from the house. and search area. There are way to many coincidencesto make this real. To many unanswered questions.

Jacqueline Skye Outlaw

I am highly suspect about the items. The park reopened for 24 hours prior to parents contacting law enforcement. Informed the FBI they plan to look for Brian next morning. Rise early, meet detectives at the park, 1st sign of light. The dad trots down a trail, suddenly goes into woods, zig zags through trees, low and behold, finds what appears to be Brian's bag hanging off tree branches. A white bag! More items located. Bonus, police find bits of a decomposing skeleter remains in area. Not counting on being Brian's. Perhaps parents or sister staged his items the day before and didn't know a body was near by. 🤔 The Petito/Laundrie searches turned up many bodies. Should know if it's Brian within 48 more hours. The dad led them straight to the items following brief search. Found not too far from the parking lot where Brian's car had been located.

Susan Wapensky

If the dad had a brain he would have allowed law enforcement to zig zag through the woods and find the belongings and remains. It just looks way too suspicious.


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