Daughter of man held hostage by Haitian gang describes 'unbearable' conditions

Cover picture for the articleTAMPA, Fla. - As the efforts continue to rescue 17 missionaries abducted by Haitian gangs over the weekend, a woman whose father survived a recent kidnapping in Haiti is telling the story of how her father was forced to live before his family paid the ransom. She did not...

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Debra Verner

Missionaries want to help people. I get that but damn stop putting yourself and family in such danger. Help the homeless in the US or Canada.

Freedom for All

The kidnapping of anyone is bad. but to do so to US missionaries and a Canadian missionary is proof of complete lawlessness...Paying ransom only encourages more kidnapping. US should send in our military and recover them by whatever means necessary, IF the Haitians can't do it now.. There is a limit to the tolerance of US citizens. PRAY they are recovered alive..they are Christian's and Heaven will welcome them if that is their all Christians trust in and know some of us will be Martyr...but we must do all we can to free them without blackmailed. The gang holding them need to know all of them will be executed if they don't release our people safely and.quickly. it's TRUE Jesus taught peace. But there are times to stand up to your enemies. Psalms 144:1 - (A Psalm of David.) Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight: /____When you show your strength, you are less likely to have to use it. The USA is not weak..just some leaders are


Dear God please get the hostages safe an sound back home an stop the bad gang from hurting others ever again. I ask your will Lord in the name of Jesus Christ amen.


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