Lisa Rinna Claims Denise Richards Tried Hooking Up With ‘RHOC’ Stars After BravoCon

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Lisa Rinna revealed some fresh tea on Denise Richards in a new Bravo tell-all, claiming her former ‘RHOBH’ co-star was up to even more than viewers saw during season 10.

In the latest Real Housewives-themed book, Not All Diamonds and Rosé: The Inside Story of The Real Housewives From the People Who Lived It by Dave Quinn, new claims have set off another wave of drama. In the book, Lisa Rinna, 58, shared some new information about her former co-star, Denise Richards, 50, who was infamously embroiled in a sex scandal with Brandi Glanville, 48, last season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. According to Lisa, there’s more scandal to be shared, as she claimed in the book that Denise allegedly propositioned women from The Real Housewives of Orange County after BravoCon in 2019.

“At BravoCon, we heard that Denise went out with the RHOC ladies and asked them to sit on her face,” Lisa said in the book, although none of the RHOC cast corroborated her claim, nor did Denise provide any comment. HollywoodLife also reached out to Denise’s rep for comment, but we did not receive a response.
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“Why did no one tell me that?! Or mention it at the reunion?!” Bravo producer Andy Cohen, 53, exclaimed in the book after hearing the fresh gossip.

Reflecting on what happened last season, Brandi continued to defend her claim that she and Denise hooked up despite Denise’s denial. “What happened with Denise and I happened — it f***ing happened,” Brandi said in the book. “She kept me quiet for seven months. Her entire career was built on being sexual, she is a sex bomb. And now all of a sudden, you’re motherf***ing Saint Teresa?”
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Producer Chris Cullen also added that although Brandi had been labeled a “liar” all season by Denise and several other critics, he and the production team went through Brandi’s past footage and “really couldn’t find an example where Brandi lied.” Although he admitted some of her claims were a little flimsy, there was no evidence she was ever fully lying.

Lisa, for her part, called Denise “one of the fakest, phoniest people” she had ever come across, adding that she never had anyone lie to her “as deeply” as she claimed Denise had. The Rinna Beauty mogul also said it was “bulls**t” Denise never showed up to Dorit Kemsley‘s party for the finale episode, with Andy also adding how “frustrated” he was with Denise’s evasive nature toward the end of her season run.

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Patty Glendye

Rinna needs to shut up and worry about her husband. People that talk about others are hiding their own problems. Lisa needs to go away. SMH

Pretty Feet

Why dies Rinna think she can talk and lie about others? Let's talk to Kim about what she really knows about Harry Hamlin!! It's interesting that Rinna's husband Harry was married to Nicolette Sheridan. Before Denise married Aaron he was also married to Nicolette Sheridan. I think Rinna was trying to destroy Denise's credibility because she probably knows the stories that have been around for years are....true!! I hope Denise and Aaron write their own book!! Half can be about Themselves and the other half on Rinna and Harry!! Harry is an actor but leaves Rinna to go camping or Rinna is at events by herself! Why? Why doesn't Harry accompany his wife to these public events and walk the red carpet with his "wife(?)"? I want to come and talk to you Denise and Aaron!! I can keep quiet about what I'm told!! I really want to know if I'm correct on my theories!! Just 5 questions and I'll leave immediately!

mrs. hurley

people need to mind their own business Lisa is one to talk.she needs to hush n worry about raising her kids right n jeep an eye in her man


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