Man who mocked his Tinder date for serving him 'raw' steak is roasted by TikTok users who point out the meat is a 'perfect' medium-rare

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A man who complained his Tinder date served him a 'raw' steak has become the butt of his own joke after people pointed out that it's a 'perfect' medium-rare.

TikTok user @thewaterboy, who is believed to live in Florida, went viral for all the wrong reasons earlier this month when he shared a video mocking the homemade dinner, including a close-up of the steak in question.

'Tinder girl invited me over and gave me a raw steak,' he griped using the app's text to voice feature.

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Say what? TikTok user @thewaterboy, who is believed to live in Florida, called out his Tinder date's cooking in a viral video, claiming she served him a 'raw' steak
Looks cooked to me! He panned the camera to his dinner to show the steak was brown on the outside and pink in the center

The woman who prepared the meal had her back turned and was opening a bottle of wine for them when he panned the camera to his plate.

The steak, which was brown on the outside and pink on the inside, was served with sides of asparagus, rice, beans.

When his date asked if he liked his meal, he replied, 'Yeah, it's good,' and then made a face at the camera.

'LMAOOO I give her another chance and she does THIS!! I’m done!' he captioned the video which has been viewed one million times.

The TikTok has more than 20,000 comments, many of which were from critics who called him out for knowing nothing about steak or cooking in general.

LMAOOO I give her another chance and she does THIS!! I¿m done!
How rude: When the woman asked how he liked the meal, he said it was 'good' but then made a face behind her back
Ungrateful: The steak was served with a side of asparagus, rice, and beans, and his date was seen opening a bottle of wine in the background
Listen up: Critics slammed him in the comments, insisting he was wrong and the steak was a 'perfect' medium-rare

'I'm vegetarian and even I know that isn't raw. What a scrotum,' one person wrote, while another added: 'That steak is perfect. Can't trust a man who doesn't know what a real steak looks like.'

'That is medium rare, sir, the universally assume preferred way to serve a steak,' someone else responded. 'I bet you eat well-done steak with ketchup like a child.'

However, the man refused to admit he was wrong. Instead, he tried to get celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay on his side.

'@GordonRamsay PLEASE tell everyone in the comments that this is UNDERCOOKED!' he wrote. 'If you like undercooked steak that's fine! But don't like... "Perfect."'

Not backing down: Instead of admitting he was wrong, he tried to get celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay on his side
Judgmental much? He also took issue with her using a portable speaker in her car because the radio is broken

'Imagine having so much confidence that Gordon's gonna be on his side,' one person commented.

'The fact that EVERYONE in the comments [keeps] telling this dude that that is indeed a well-cooked steak and he still believes it is raw,' someone else pointed out.

The TikToker has made fun of 'Tinder girl' for a number of other offenses in his previous videos, including the portable speaker she has in her car because the radio is broken.

He also took issue with her paying for dinner in change on their second date.

'I decided to go out with her again and she does this… YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS UP!' he captioned a video of her counting out her coins at the table.

'This is embarrassing for YOU not her,' one person hit back.

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near impossible for me to get a date, if a woman cooked me one of my favorite meals, I would be so incredibly grateful I would not disrespect her like that at all! and that steak looks perfect! my mouth is watering looking at it 🤤 if I was riding with her and saw that situation, ask about it, offer to fix it, installing car stereos isn't rocket science! if she's paying with change, offer to pay instead 🤷🏻‍♀️ I'm sure she's feeling more embarrassed then you are! where's your wallet? can't afford to pay? then don't shame her! where's your car? don't have one? don't judge hers! don't like your steak? did you help cook it? no? then don't be a petty little boy about it

heather mueller

why was SHE driving and paying?? and cooking?? sounds like homie is broke as joke, no ride and no manners. the steak is the least of his worries. if he wants another date girl....RUUNNNNN!!!! Block that call


Hispanics like myself grow up eating well done but once you have medium done then medium rare its hard to go back to eating cardboard lol. This steak looks delicious to me.


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