Britney Spears & fiancé Sam Asghari toured Jeffree Star’s flashy mansion

New York Post

Cover picture for the articleA month after her dad, Jamie Spears, was suspended from her 13-year conservatorship, the newly engaged Britney Spears was spotted with her fiancé, Sam Asghari, on Tuesday afternoon house shopping. The two, who have been open about wanting to find a new home after her conservatorship officially ends, were...

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Deborah Richardson

beautiful house , I don't blame you 2 .. looking for a different house , the both of you deserve it . happy house hunting!

Roxanne Felt

the house is amazing y Brittany work hard on what y do, best wishes to both of y. I am so happy y are out of jail we would call it thanks Sam for helping , y keep your head up n ❤ awalys been my fan, I know what y mean on family burning y I am there.


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