Carrie Underwood reveals what she wouldn’t put up with from her husband, “If I Didn’t Love You”

Cover picture for the articleCarrie Underwood is exposing her husband’s bad habits in a hilarious new TikTok video centered around her latest single, a duet with Jason Aldean called “If I Didn’t Love You.”. As the song plays in the background, Carrie...

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Constance Mack

That man has sacrificed EVERYTHING for her!!! Gave up his career cause she didn't want to live there, moved where SHE wanted to live, had kids later on, even though HE wanted them sooner, he became the house husband, while SHE worked!!! She doesn't have much to complain about...she says jump and he says how high!!! They are a gorgeous looking couple though!!! 😳

Peanut butter Jelly

Carrie making money, that name of the game. True or false. Just a song. If he could sang he probably talk about her shoes or all her clothes or maybe using his razor. just a joke.


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