Deontay Wilder’s trainer reveals key reason for knockout loss to Tyson Fury

The Independent
The Independent

Deontay Wilder did not make excuses following his knockout defeat by Tyson Fury and was destabilised during the fight by a punch to his ear, according to the American’s trainer Malik Scott.

Wilder suffered his second knockout defeat by Fury in a row as the ‘Gypsy King’ retained his WBC belt in an instant classic in Las Vegas earlier this month.

The ‘Bronze Bomber’ showed considerable fight, however, as he recovered from an early knockdown to twice floor his British rival before Fury delivered the finishing blow in the 11th round.

Wilder had made several excuses following his first loss to Fury in February 2020, alleging that his opponent had cheated by loading his gloves as well.

But despite Wilder suggesting immediately after the fight that the weight difference between the fighters proved decisive, Scott insists the ‘Bronze Bomber’ has accepted the defeat and understands that he was thrown off by a punch to the ear in the third round.

“He didn’t say anyone cheated, and he didn’t say: ‘He caught me off guard.’ In boxing, people get hit in the ear. It’s not an excuse. He got hit in the ear, which is fair play to Fury,” Scott told Blue Blood Sports TV .

“Those narratives that come out about Deontay are so unfair. He didn’t say nobody did nothing wrong. He just said that, ‘After I got hit with a good shot, my equilibrium was off,’ which is factual.”

Wilder has been handed a six-month suspension from boxing following the fight and has undergone surgery on a broken hand.

But Scott says the American is motivated to return to the ring and remains a big draw in the sport despite losing his past two fights.

Fury is expected to take on Dillian Whyte or Otto Wallin next while Oleksandr Usyk faces Anthony Joshua in a rematch early next year.

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Lack of skills by the fighter and trainer, and lack of avoiding getting punched. Thee end

Jim Flan

There was no doubt about this fight Fury beat him fair, and should move on, after 2 wins he should move on, no rematch needed 🤩👍🤩👍

Ron T'Challa Garner

Fury is a better boxer. Didn’t have to read the article. Too easy. And I like Wilder.


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