Celine Dion shares heartbreaking health update: ‘I have to focus on getting better’


Celine Dion has announced she is taking a health break before her highly anticipated Las Vegas residency , as she was forced to postpone some of her upcoming concert dates after “experiencing severe and persistent muscle spasms.”

The singer’s medical team announced that the symptoms she is experiencing are “preventing her from performing,” and she is still under treatment and evaluation.

Celine was also forced to delay her rehearsals for the show, because “the symptoms she is experiencing are prohibiting her from participating” in preparations for the concerts. GettyImages

The Resorts World Theatre apologizes to fans of the star for the delay and declared that “the unforeseen medical symptoms” forced Celine to postpone the opening and cancel the performances.

Celine confessed she felt bad for letting her fans down, explaining she is especially sorry for disappointing everyone who made plans to travel to Las Vegas to see her performance, however she says she has to “focus on getting better,” as she wants to “get through this as soon as I can.” GettyImages

The legendary artist took to Twitter to explain that while she has been working on her new show “for the past eight months,” she will “not be able to open this November,” and she feels saddened “beyond words.”

“My partners at Resorts World Las Vegas and AEG have been working around the clock to get this brand new state-of-the-art theatre ready, and it’s absolutely beautiful,” Celine shared.

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Don’t Quote Me

Muscle spasms don’t make you get that thin…there’s more to it than that she’s anorexic and it doesn’t look good on her


All she needs is to eat and her muscles will get better. Stop starving yourself. You look horrible!

Irene Hairston

I can’t believe you people . What happened to There for the Grace of God Goes I”That’s why the world 🌎 is so messed up now . Pray 🙏🏽 for whatever is wrong with Her and Hope God spares your sorry unforgivable Remarks. I love ❤️ the Lady .


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