Why Is Biden Mandating Vaccines for Workers Instead of Public Program Participants? | Opinion

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It's not tax-paying workers the President should be forcing to get vaccinated, but rather, the people consuming government...

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Tish Marks

Poor People become desperate when they have no resources to live and desperate people do a whole bunch of things to survive. This will happen soon sadly because the government wants world order and population control. There should not be a mandate at all it's been 2years and now people have to take another shot for a lab created virus. So everyone that got the first two Jabs have to go another one and then oh the media said there is another variant go get this booster, then six months from now the CDC says yep that's has worn off go get another jab that is better that the last three, but if you don't get these Jabs I'm going to take away your housing, your food, and your job, because you won't do what I told you to do Thank God I was born free and I will die free, too many people in the past have sacrificed there lives to make sure we as human beings have a choice on how we live, love, and have freedom.

just me 1956

These Monsters are trying to eliminate Humans wake up people please....and never let them have your children we are under attack our Government have been bought and sold

Barb Ketchum

Something will come to light any time now that will break open the whole ugly truth about the deep state, COVID, and the world takeover by China. It will be quite shocking and terrible news to all. I pray we are able to cope. After that, we can rebuild.


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