Torrei Hart explains why she plans to keep ex-husband Kevin’s last name

rolling out
rolling out
Torrei Hart (Photo source: Instagram – @torreihart)

Torrei Hart’s marriage to actor and comedian Kevin Hart ended nearly a decade ago, but she has no plans on dropping his last name.

Entertainment outlet TooFab caught up with Torrei Hart as she was leaving LAX, Tuesday, Oct. 12, and she explained her reasoning behind the decision.

“‘Cause it’s mine, first of all,” she affirmed. “Second of all, ’cause Kevin never asked for it back. He don’t want me to give it back, he’s not trippin’. And third of all: my kids don’t want me to change my name.”

She went on to explain that the people who have an issue with this will simply have to “get over it.”

“That’s something that people always ask me,” she said. “And I’m like, ‘That’s my name, get over it!’ They’re gonna always have something to say, but I’m gonna be a Hart until I decide not to be. And that’s just what it is.”

Torrei Hart has broken into the world of comedy and acting herself in recent years with projects like Super Turnt, which is the sequel to her 2020 film Turnt. She said she doesn’t rely on her last name to land jobs and has to grind and put herself out there just like everyone else.

“I can have the Hart name all day, but if I’m sitting on my a– and not working, you think people are gonna give me an opportunity? I get the opportunity because I get out there, I network, I’ve been training, I put in the word, like ‘Yo, this project looks like it could fit me.’ Like, I hustle,” she explained.

According to Torrei Hart, it was a bit of a rocky road after she and Kevin went their separate ways in 2011. She visited “The Real” on Oct. 15, 2021, to promote her new podcast “Breakin’ Thru With Torrei,” and revealed that it was hard for her to watch Kevin build a new family with his now-wife Eniko Hart following their divorce. There were times when she didn’t “want to be here anymore” because of how public their split was.

Thankfully, the two are now on better terms as they co-parent their 16-year-old daughter Heaven and 13-year-old son Hendrix.

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Mr. Reality

Oh please people women been doing that for decades even if the ex was broke. Why is this even a topic if she keeps the name. Look at Jackie O she married another man and still kept Kennedy.

Sharat Bowers

Because she was married to him that's why rarely does a divorced woman goes back to her maiden name after a divorce I know my mother still carries my dad's last name and they been divorced for decades and it wasn't because of his money because she was married to him and all of us has his name so I'm glad my mom still carry my dad's last name and so does he.

Ryan Lambie

The REAL answer is much more honest: because she's a nobody without it. She probably still uses his name for clout and notoriety. Her desperation to remain connected to a Man who wants nothing more to do with her is why she'll remain single and likely die alone. Any Man who deals with her wants the clout too. She remains a Hart, because she is still available to him. She misses him, but is too embarrassed to admit it. lol


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