Princess Charlotte is set to inherit one of Princess Diana's most iconic heirlooms


Cover picture for the articleAs her first granddaughter, Princess Charlotte is set to inherit one of Princess Diana's most famous and iconic heirlooms – her family tiara – which she wore on her wedding day to Prince Charles. According to palace sources, as Charlotte is the eldest of Princess Diana's granddaughters (Lilibet being...

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She’s so precious! If only Princess Diana were alive to see, spoil and love her grand kids. I know she would’ve been a superb grandmother.

Moni B.

This is wonderful news, how very generous of Earl Spencer to allow his grand-niece to inherit the Spencer tiara. I believe he is doing this due to his sister's association with the BRF & in great remembrance of her. The Earl has daughters and sons who could inherit the tiara, in fact if u think about it it makes more sense for the tiara to go to his eldest son for either his wife (when he marries) or one of his daughters (if he ever has one) to wear. Since they would be Spencers in name & Charlotte is a Cambridge. But since the tiara is now famously known for his sister's royal use of it, it is a fitting line of succession for it to be passed down in this his sister's first-born granddaughter.

Jean Sullivan

This doesn't sound right. The Spencer tiara would stay in the family always under the care of each current Earl of Spencer. Charlotte no more deserves it than the other Spencer cousins. The Earls wife should use it and then it would be loaned out for Spencer weddings.


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