Gavin Newsom was a better governor when he feared the recall. Which version do we get now?

Sacramento Bee

Cover picture for the articleWe all knew and expected that Gov. Gavin Newsom would easily beat the recall attempt. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still legitimate concerns about his job performance as governor, or that California is united by his policies and politics. Qualifying a statewide recall campaign against the incumbent governor...

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Johnny Eagle

That’s the good thing about accountability. When people know there are consequences for their actions they keep themselves on the right track. Where is accountability in our society anymore? There is none. Unless you’re on the wrong side of who’s in power. He’s a taker. As is most of these political leaders. They found a way to steal in the name of what’s good. The exception is that the good is them.

Ken Hansen

Ballots were designed to replace bullets, but sometimes bullets might be needed to replace ballots...especially the fradulent variety.

Phantom Lord

I voted to recall greqsome Newsom and everyone I know did as well I just hope with the next election the people of California will put someone way better then Newsom


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