Charles Barkley: "Don’t Ever Compare Anybody To Ali. Ali Went Three Years Without Boxing When He Was The Highest-Paid Athlete In The World.”

Cover picture for the articleKyrie Irving has received a lot of slander for not getting vaccinated. The Brooklyn Nets superstar has simply denied doing it because he doesn't trust the vaccine. Kyrie also explained his point of view in an Instagram live video. In the video, he mentioned he talked about his actual...

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Pattie Okafor

Ali was hated back then and these same people praising Ali now would have hated him back then to first of all he was NOI these same people dont like the NOI today and they would have called him a trader to the country these are the same people that didn't want the players kneeling at the anthem STOP it there so fake

old man from Tx

please explain how me getting the shot protects others. I can still get covid and still pass it to others.

Will Outlaw

Muhammad ALI The Greatest of All Time. A man who demonstrated courage and integrity in the face of racist America.


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