What Does A Blue Halloween Candy Bucket Mean?

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One of the things that I LOVE about Halloween is taking my daughter, Tara around town for trick-or-treating. We really love going to Poplar Hill Estates where the "really big" candy is. She's old enough to drive herself so I think it's awesome that she still wants me to be her...

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Jenny Pollard

The blue pumpkin let's people know the child thats carrying it had austim, which also mean they are probably non-verbal like my son and can't say "trick or treat" or "Thank you" .You would be surprised how many people wouldn't give my son candy cause he wouldn't say "trick or treat" even after telling them he was autistic....or the people would get mad if he didn't say "thank you". Yes anyone can us the blue pumpkin all my sons did it for years before my son with autism was born, I think it just saying be alittle extra understanding if you do see one.

Debra Ajemian

I have a feeling that people complaining or making fun of this are the same people who would be total jerks if a child didn't say trick or treat or thank you and complain about "today's youth".

Montana Marie

what dies it matter, I mean it does but, we are the adults, can't we just give out the candy! marvel at the costumes and the excitement of the kids. Come on people let the kids be kids.


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