The Taliban says it's rewarding the families of suicide bombers who attacked US and Afghan troops with money, clothes, and land

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Taliban fighters patrol a street in Kabul.
  • The Taliban is rewarding the families of those who attacked US troops from 2001 to 2021.
  • A Taliban official called the fighters "martyrs."
  • The families were given money and clothes, and promised a plot of land each, the official said.

The Taliban has said it is rewarding the families of suicide bombers who attacked US and Afghan troops during 20-year US presence , with sums of cash, clothing, and a plot of land.

At a Monday gathering at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, the Taliban's acting interior minister, Sirajuddin Haqqani, called fighters who died in the suicide bombings "martyrs" and "heroes of Islam and the country," according to a tweet from Interior Ministry spokesman Saeed Khosty.

Khosty also tweeted photos of Haqqani, whose face was blurred out, speaking to the relatives in a packed conference room.

Haqqani also distributed 10,000 afghanis ($112) per family, gave them clothes, and promised them a plot of land each, Kohsty said.

The gesture is a contrast from the group's efforts to gain global support as the country's new rulers.

Earlier this month, the Taliban held talks with President Joe Biden's administration for the first time since the US withdrawal in August. The group cannot afford to alienate the US, which has frozen billions of dollars in Afghan assets .

It is unclear how many US and Afghan soldiers died from suicide attacks in Afghanistan in the last 20 years.

However, a recent Associated Press report found that 2,448 American service members and 3,846 US contractors in total were killed in Afghanistan between 2001 and April this year.

Following the Taliban's victory in August, Islamic State militants have carried out a series of suicide bombings, including one attack at the airport in Kabul at the height of the evacuation efforts that killed more than 100 Afghan civilians and 13 US service members .

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Robert Card

and Biden just sent millions of dollars to Afghanistan haha and that's not Bidens money that's the people of America's money taxpayers that's going to pay for terrorism against there own children that fought for your freedom

all Biden's fault

The Taliban should thank the people that voted Biden. After all they voted for the killing of 13 soldiers in Afghanistan.

J Sileo

They are in a rock and hard place type situation. Make the world like them and support them. unfortunately their population believes being "martyr" is the ultimate reward for their religion. Many of their population believes they were fighting for freedom just as the early stages of Americans did. I want to give the Taliban the benefit of the doubt that things they are doing are to make changes but also not cause more war and riots in Afghanistan. Unfortunately my cynical side tells me this may have been the plan all along. But my logical side tells me it's completely pointless to fight for 20+ years, regain control of their country and then let if fall apart. A hard lesson for them, running a country isn't all about being able to fight and then expect everyone else to pay them so their country doesn't collapse. They probably aren't the only country who is learning this lesson


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