LeBron James Told Russell Westbrook To Go Home And Watch A Comedy, Or Be With His Children After His Performance Against The Warriors

Cover picture for the articleOn the opening day of the 2021-22 NBA season, Russell Westbrook and the Los Angeles Lakers continued their preseason struggles. After going winless in the preseason, the Lakers started the season on a losing note as well. While the other parts of the Big 3 - LeBron James and Anthony Davis...

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I'm not worried about Westbrook. This guy is a fighter, and he's resilient. He will figure it out. It's hard playing next to LeBron, because he controls so much of the game. Other than Kyrie, no other ball handler has been successful next to LeBron. Westbrook is an all-star, and I have no doubt that he will figure out how to play with LeBron.

test the spirit

For you couch potato coach's, player's across all sports encourage each other. LeBron was encouraging Westbrook, not coaching him. Funny how people who've never played a sport, or professional sport, believe they know what's going on.

Mohammad Azhar

Lakers lost the first game of the season and the sky is falling down? Come on people LeBron was just giving him a friendly advice to go home and chill .It's a long season .


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