Don’t put your kids on the title of your home. There’s a better way for them to inherit the property.

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleQ: My mother put me on the deed to a house she purchased five years ago. Recently, she has decided that she wants to sell the house to buy a smaller house in a nearby town. The house has been her primary residence for the last five years, but not mine....

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Island grl

My mother in law put her house in both of her children's names, thankfully, when she passed, the house was turned over to them, the taxes skyrocketed to 6%, over 4k was owed, we sold it and pocketed the money, and the government got no part of it even though she spent a month in the hospital, this is the way to go if you want to leave an inheritance for your children

Angela K Arden

I say put it in your kids names. YOU CANNOT TRUST BIDEN OR ANY OF HIS ADMINISTRATION. They are already getting into our bank accounts.

Kimberly Smith

Really, so they won’t have to pay extra taxes on the home…I think not. The government wants all the money they can get from you…even if it’s called double taxing


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