Hurry up and wait: Trump's best legal shot at blocking the release of his January 6 docs


Cover picture for the article(CNN) — The next few weeks will be pivotal if former President Donald Trump is hoping to bury the House's request for January 6 documents in years of litigation. With a lawsuit filed Monday, Trump began in earnest his legal war against the House's Capitol insurrection investigation. He is seeking to...

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Joan Hardway

People who are innocent do everything in their power to prove they are innocent. Everyone one except for Donald Hitler Trump. He does everything in his power to cover stuff up. If he doesn't have anything to hide then release the records.

Peggy Daugherty Simcox

it's time to put Trump on the court stand lol he not president anymore so who does he think he is to think he can stop anything just cause he knows he's guilty. Don't block nothing it's time to Burn Trump!!! He is Guilty!!!

Shawn Moebius

Trump is DONE. He might continue to be in the news and he might even run for President again but he will NEVER EVER hold the office of the presidency again. He was impeached twice. He was the cause of the Jan 6th insurrection. He staged an attempted coup and for the last few months in office, top officials were terrified over the fact that Trump was unstable enough to use nuclear weapons, and I could go on. Republicans should be worried about Trump running again because there is no surer way to hand the Presidency to the Democrats for another 4 years. Trump did EVERYTHING in his power to sabotage the incoming administration. He didn't care if it hurt the United States. He only wanted to hurt Biden. What kind of a man would put his personal feelings before the wellbeing of the country he is supposed to be running. If you ask me that is the WORST crime he ever committed. I want any Trump supporter to justify that and with a strait face tell me Trump should be President again.


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