The next inflation risk? Chinese suppliers to the U.S., booked for months, are raising prices by double digits


Cover picture for the articleSubscribe to Eastworld for insight on what’s dominating business in Asia, delivered free to your inbox. Business is booming for Zhejiang Zhendong Leisure Products, which churns out about 1 million folding chairs a year from its factory in eastern China, many of which end up on American porches and gardens across...

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AJ Rodriguez

Solution, quit buying Chinese goods. We can produce the same products here. We need to end America’s dependency on foreign goods. BUY AMERICA PEOPLE. The job you save or create may be your own.


well...Trump did try to make America great again and make us not dependent on other countries....but because you pansies got offended by tweets or had your feathers ruffled we have what we have now. Anyone who voted for this administration, you proud now? You sign up for mandates, friends and neighbors and family forced to poverty over it, oil crisis, laughing stock of the world, weakening of America, dead soldiers and countless others left behind to be tourtured in Afghanistan and the latest and greatest coming to a grocery store near you a lack of food and supplies....You are all winners.


this is all due to Biden. We can produce products ourselves we have people who are intelligent and can start businesses but thier agenda it's not designed for the entrepreneur of the small businessman is designed to put them out of business. for all those that dreamed of having their own business and being successful that's blown down the toilet as long as these guys are in the office


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