Some people might be genetically resistant to COVID-19, new study says

Cover picture for the articleCan you be genetically resistant to the novel coronavirus? A new paper suggests it is possible people might have the power to fight off COVID-19 because of their genetics. Researchers said in the paper — published in the medical journal Nature Immunology — there might be people who are resistant to...

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So why a forced vaccine? Hundreds of thousands of people already had Covid and recovered. Their immune system is better than anything this vaccine can give you. A Pfizer scientist admits that natural immunity is far more beneficial than this shot.

R Gordon

i know people who had Covid in 2019 & no-one knew what it was. They took the standard cold remedies like NyQuil, etc. and ALL survived. These people should be Case-Studied bec. their Immune System hold the Remedy to defeating Covid.

Zach Baughman

I'm not saying I want to try it but I'm pretty convinced I have a pretty strong resistance to it. 6 family members at a birthday party of the 14 in a household for 4 hours got covid-19 from the grandson who is having a birthday. I got nothing. I was also the second oldest person in attendance. My fully vaccinated brother-in-law who I spent the entire day with caught covid in a so-called breakthrough case. I spent all day with him and in the car! He went on to have a visit at my fully vaccinated stepdaughters house and gave it to them in less than an hour however I had spent six hours with this guy. So literally the vaccinated gave it to the vaccinated well the guy who is unvaccinated and spent the most time with him got nothing


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